Valerie Duncan for Dayton City Commission
Valerie Duncan
Valerie Duncan for Dayton City Commission

About Valerie Duncan

Starting with my childhood, I was born into a blue collar family, learning  the importance of hard work and caring about my neighbors.   Graduating from Wilbur Wright High School, I went on to college to receive my undergraduate degree in Urban Affairs from Wright State University.

With my extensive work experience in public service,  I am prepared to meet the tasks at hand as your Dayton City Commissioner.   My 31 years working for the State, Montgomery County and the City of Dayton has given me the know how to solve City issues. This includes years working in various City of Dayton departments, addressing the needs of the neighborhoods, business districts and concerns of Dayton citizens.

As a young High school student, I learned about the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the three branches of government.  We also learned about economics including the stock market.  As a college student taking political Sciences courses,  I got inspired about civic duties of government and its role to serve the general public.  That the role of the elected officials is to identify the needs of the community and work to meet those needs.  

My first taste of politics was in college, where I ran for president of the student council at Wright State University. I found that I liked politics, posting flyers, and persuading my fellow students to vote for me.  Running for office gave me a taste of politics and I got bit by the “political” bug. Towards the end of my college courses, I had an opportunity to do an internship at the for the Southeast Priority board at the City of Dayton office.  There I learn about local government, the many public services the City of Dayton provides to the public, and alot of hands-on experiences.  

Feilding complaints to the different city departments helped me learn to  listen to concerns and find solutions to neighborhood problems.   When I was appointed to the Southeast Priority Board as a representative, I developed insight in how city government works. Furthered my abilities by serving on several committees including Housing, Budget, Economic Development and Land Use, Recreation and Parks, and Personal.  Getting into meeting processes with the use of Robert’s Rules of Order and talking to city residents about City services.  Soon after graduating from college I was able to get my first job working for the City of Dayton at the Southeast Priority Board office.

Working with the city departments including the departments of Planning, OMB, and Engineering, I prepared grant proposals for development projects.  The development projects were for neighborhood and business districts to improve the viability and attractiveness of the neighborhood and business districts.   My work also involved helping neighborhoods and business districts reviewing Zoning changes, variances and liquor licenses. 

 Continuing working with numerous committees, as a staff person widen my abilities including working with the Chair person to develop the committees agenda, prepare and present the recommendations of the committees or the Priority Board..    As part of my responsibilities continue to enhance in my various staff positions throughout the City of Dayton administration. 

As my Public career continued in the City of Dayton government I grasp more understanding of the City operations, it;s functions and the budget processes to get projects and programs funded.   So I learned what processes were needed to accomplish fulfilling the needs of the neighborhoods and business districts.  Who to call and what was needed on one issue, after another.  My expertise continued to broaden even further, in the ability to resolve complex or controversial problems, such as liquor application renewals, Industrial and business zoning changes that involved zoning district usage and compliance with the City of Dayton zoning code requirements.

Ever since the first Women’s march in 2016, I have been more involved in women issues and have been inspired to run for public office. The Dayton City Commission race is the opportunity to service my fellow Daytonians. As a Dayton City Commissioner I will be able to apply my 31 years of public service that includes the understanding of City operations, City policies, the City budget to help solve City issues.  With my public experience I will be able to Work hand in hand with the other Dayton commissioners and the mayor on issues affecting Dayton and the Miami Valley.

As a Dayton City Commissioner I will take my political passion, dedication, to serve the public.  The expertise of city government from my experience will help implement City policies, that will include citizen  involvement for results that  benefit the people of Dayton and the Miami Valley communities.   I am ready to work to build up our neighborhoods, business districts, reduce housing blight, increase housing development, helping our immigrant communities and seniors.   Making sure that the City adequately administer health and safety regulations to protect our Water supply, Housing and the general welfare with our public services

 In the Position of a City Commissioner, it is also our responsibility to make decisions on the City’s Budget and policies that impact the City of Dayton.   As a City Commissioner I will be working to ensure that the various Dayton and regional issues that affect our citizens of the Miami Valley communities are addressed.

The City neighborhoods , business districts  and other issues are upcoming challenges for the Dayton City Commission.  The City Budget has been affected by the reductions of revenue by Covid 19 and the reduction of the Local Funds that prevents cities and counties to pay for vital services  and adequate revenue for our local schools. The Federal government and the State of Ohio needs to increase funding to help Dayton, county and other communities to adequately provide services.